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At The Football University, we are proud to be amongst the first to offer the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Sport Coaching and Development. This 2-Year course gives young people the opportunity to continue their education towards an honours degree, whilst continuing to develop as players and coaches.

The HND also provides extensive work experience in both coaching and sports development roles, with the possibility of applying some of your newly acquired management expertise in the workplace.

• PLAYING - For Students that want to continue their playing careers, the opportunities are there at various levels.

• COACHING - For Students that wish to coach, opportunities are available at a variety of clubs and levels.

• MARKETING/MEDIA/OTHER - There are many other ways to gain work experience at a professional football club or football environment, all of which are available at The Football University.

• COMMUNITY TRUST - Coaching Holiday Camps Disability Football, After School Clubs, School PE Sessions, Organising Events, Marketing, Coaching Development Squads.

• BURY JUNIORS FC/BURY GIRLS AND LADIES FC - Coaching Junior Football Team, Coaching Senior Football Team, Media Work, Shadowing Academy, Coaches/Scouts.

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