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Learning Environment

The learning environment is a key aspect of the experience we offer. The Education Campus sits within the Education Suites at Platt Lane (MMU) providing a truly unique learning experience for every player/student. With smaller class sizes than you would experience in a main site College Campus you will receive a greater level of 1-1 support and grow much more quickly into your environment.

Further Education is about taking the first step away from school, getting work ready and becoming mature enough to take the next step again into the real world of employment or higher education. These are places where you will need to be more independent and confident, and by undertaking your education in the heart of a fully working and operational stadium you will achieve these qualities in abundance.

We believe that every young person when graduating from The Football College should be able to make themselves employable on two levels:

1) Employable On Paper: Your grades achieved whilst with us should allow you to take the next step and make a University want to enrol you, or an organisation want to employ you.

2) Employable As People: Every player/student will play, meaning EVERY student will benefit form the transferable skills that come with team sports. Communication, Leadership, Organisation, Team Player, Initiative, CONFIDENCE.. These are qualities that make you employable and that every employer is looking for, full stop. We aim to ensure that EVERY student leaving us possesses these skills IN ADDITION to what they leave us with on paper, and these things together will give you the tools by which to build a bright future for yourself.

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